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Spring Break 2013 or Classing it Up


Getting back on the blogtrain for my 100th post, gonna be photo-heavy. Current in mid-home-wreckery mode. Set up the office last week and the cords were UNWORKABLE, so this happened in 45 minutes or less:

Much better than the first time I studded a wall, which was about 1 wall per day. I did find out, however that you don't want to do the bullet-nail thing up against an outside corner, as it will blow out chunks of concrete and send them across the room. Shoulda put a stud 6 inches back from edge and bullet-nailed that instead. Wall went up so I could do this:

I got a lot of datas going in and out and wireless was not cutting it for youtube uploads, or anything else. Plus, I had to hook up the new Raspberry Pi and that needs a hard line. Here's my initial setup on the Pi (small circuit board to the right of the monitor)

The monitor is dormant as my HDMI to VGA adapter is in-route via Amazon, and the Kinect had a brief run with libfreenect but it's pretty apparent that the project is dead. Going to go with the Kinect SDK for voice recognition and probably just listen with some sockets on the Pi for processing and breadboard control. For the Pi OS I went with the Raspbian distro, so far so good. Still getting used to apt-get vs yum; either way, first foray out of pure-software into hardware control and I'm about as excited as humanly possible.

**Edit 3.18.13 @brocja01 Short-term goal is for something like this controlled by kinect voice commands. I bought an Apple TV recently or I'd be definitely going the media box route.

Next: With the jacks in place (and a space-heater) I cranked out a Bingo-app for the juniors. No idea if one exists or not in the app store, but this one suits nicely for my bingo fans at home. Code is here at Github. I find out that the bingo-card generator market is pretty saturated and nobody really delivers the goods. Excellent candidate for some niche destabilization.

**Edit 3.18.13: Ran my concept for pixellated fluid dynamics, on left is using a smooth gradient. Just stepping the gradient with hard edges should produce a pixel water effect right? No. Turns out I didn't have an accurate understanding of what the OpenGL alpha test does. Upgrading to Box2D project with Cocos2D 2.0, and am now learning about fragment shaders.

Foods: After about 6 years of kitchen-aversion, some holladaise. Egg yolks, lemon juice and butter and you have yourself a budget heart-attack.

Hulked out on my success, I went for cream puffs. I had sworn off baking after absolutely nothing I made at the old house (and old electric oven) EVER turned out. Had thought I had lost the touch, but IT IS BACK with the Pate A Choux. Gas stove makes it, that's what I learned on and I despise electric stoves with all that I have.

Last: New thing I hate: Dremel vs. Ceramic tile. Smells exactly like dentist grinding away a tooth, nearly barfed. Dremel got away from me and dremmeled my hand, but I'm pretty tough aside from the barfing. So this is going on via The Wife:

Tiles are $0.22 a piece, you're crazy to NOT be tiling right now. Hole is for a pot-filler, which you cannot buy here, must be ordered. Geographical Oddity.


HTG Logo


A Video is Worth XYZ words


My intent was to go back and add an explanation to these videos; maybe a link to the code in github, how the idea came about or some things I would like to improve on. BUT. It's the start of the semester tomorrow and I'll be distracted by something newer and shinier. This past year has been less blogging and more generating code on github and content on youtube. I like to write, but some of the things I've been working on just show better when you can see them move. The online lectures have been new to me as well; still not thrilled at the sound of my voice.. should probably look into hiring some vocal talent. NOW ON TO YEAR SIX.


Connecting to MySQL with VB.NET Part 1


Connecting to MySQL with VB.NET Part 2

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