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Vector Graphicked(sic) from a sketch, something I'd like to animate using the original SVG and HTML 5.

Animated (view with Google Chrome or other HTML5-enabled browser


Haunted House and OOOOOOOOP


ooooOOOOOP!! HA. Get it? Keep reading then. This first example I used in class to illustrate the use of collections (each moving ghost was an instance of a "ghost" class). Clicking the button added on into a collection, and another into an array (not an arraylist. scary!). Clicking on the ghost removed it from the collection, or array.. whichever it was stored in. The second example I used in the my VB Intro course, and I used the library (REUSE) from the first into an base form (INHERITANCE) class in a class library, then inherited that form in the main project to ENCAPSULATE away all the gory details. The rad lightning effect was a select case inside of a timer loop, background color from white to black (NOPE, NOT OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING)

Edit 1/22/12: I couldn't stand reading my bad jokes again, thus the strikethroughs.


Augmented Reality Vase


Demo I wrote about 2 1/2 years back with Augmented Reality, using the ARToolKit and my OpenGL Vase code featured in this post. I was able to dig it up (from the archives), get it working again and record it using Camtasia (free trial). Easily the best use of AR I've seen so far is the Nintendo 3DS. One game, and I don't know which one, takes an image of the surface you have the marker on, and overlays it as a texture on the terrain of the game. It's difficult to get the impression AR gives you until you are the one in control of the camera, it really feels like you are looking at it (through the camera at least). Once glasses like these get cheaper and communicate with phones (and cooler looking), the applications of this will be all over the place. When I say "like this" I mean 3D Graphics overlays, not the HUD type apps like Layar or Yelp which are often described as Augmented Reality Apps.


Blank Application Page


I like to use Application Pages when doing proof-of-concepts or to do some quick-and-dirty access to the object model, and like to use this as a good starting point. It's for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010  (won't work with WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007, although the theory will) and is an application page with all the functionality stripped out of it. Drop it in your _layouts folder (I like to create a Utilities folder) and code away. Warning - SharePoint is not very forgiving on compile-time errors so if you're going to do in-line coding watch out for the "unknown error"message... that usually means you have a syntax error in your code.  You can download the file here... do a right-click save as on the link.


8-Bit Tea


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My first iOS app for iPhone/iPod! Two of my favorite things out of Japan: Tea and classic 8-bit video games. All profits from 8-Bit Tea will be donated to Japan Earthquake and Tsunamii relief. Try it out, if you like it please share this with your friends! Find it in iTunes here.

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