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Google Punishment


I had the bright, "efficient" idea of moving all my stuff from this tumblr into my SharePoint blog and just keep it all in one place. I mean, my SharePoint blog was established (+3 years old) so I should be able to put whatever I want out there right? It was all about code anyways, no big deal! No, No, No, No. My traffic plummeted to ZERO. Apparently, XNA and 3D graphics libraries have absolutely no intersect with SharePoint (woe's the pity). Now, this was about the same time google was doing a shake-up to their algorithm to pull traffic away from content farms, so that might have had something to do with it; I am however, doubtful because my control variable in all of this is the original SharePoint blog which mirrors much of the same content (unless google views that site as legit and the current site a rip-off?). Regardless, traffic on that site has remained essentially unchanged. So, here I am, back again on Tumblr, but guilt-free from the observation that I might have too many blogs.


3D Max to XNA


Demonstrating path from 3DS Max to XNA. Fully textured and animated model exported to FBX 2010 format.


Internet Wayback Machine


Spent the last couple days crawling through the underbelly of the internet, looking to export models from classic 1999 Everquest into 3DS Max, for use as testing models in XNA 4.0. I suceeded, but it wasn't pretty (at one point the internet wayback machine was required for geocities). I've been attempting to recover a weapon model pictured here, the Jade Chodikai Prod; can you believe there is not a single image of this to be found on the internet? So here is my public service today. Also, started using EpicWin on my ipod, completely awesome.




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Started learning Python tonight. And Blender. Also some Internet Archive Wayback Machine action in there as well. I knew Python and I would meet someday, but I would not have guessed this morning that it would have been tonight.


Blog Phoenix


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Also, In case it wasn't obvious: I created this site today. In response to killing off The Ascetic Technologist yesterday. I just could not bring myself to write enough content to justify a blog post. I think I like Tumblr format better. Longer than twitter to keep from getting (or staying) snarky and shorter than blog to keep from getting long winded. Edit: 2/10/11: I still love Tumblr, but I have decided to stop fighting my reservations about posting non-SharePoint items on this Blog. Yeah yeah, Joe SharePoint, I know. Well, it's MY blog. "" doesn't have a nice ring to it.

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