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1 Week in Your Clouds

A little over a week into my migration to Amazon EC2. I am very, very, very happy with my (free) micro instance and am currently hosting my SharePoint blog on it already. SO FAST. Past wordpress/php/mysql already working, I've got mono configured and just tonight completed setup of postfix/dovecot. Which was HARD. I've set up smtp/pop3 on Windows machines before, and even done an exchange install and configurations but there's something to be said about doing it all from a command line, almost black-box. It's very nasty when it's happening but once it's done you feel like a code-barbarian, Wulfgar-style (yes, been reading a lot of R.A. Salvatore). Next up will be to test my .NET code for pop3 access/smtp usage, and start migrating my SQL Stored procedures to MySQL.