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Google Punishment


I had the bright, "efficient" idea of moving all my stuff from this tumblr into my SharePoint blog and just keep it all in one place. I mean, my SharePoint blog was established (+3 years old) so I should be able to put whatever I want out there right? It was all about code anyways, no big deal! No, No, No, No. My traffic plummeted to ZERO. Apparently, XNA and 3D graphics libraries have absolutely no intersect with SharePoint (woe's the pity). Now, this was about the same time google was doing a shake-up to their algorithm to pull traffic away from content farms, so that might have had something to do with it; I am however, doubtful because my control variable in all of this is the original SharePoint blog which mirrors much of the same content (unless google views that site as legit and the current site a rip-off?). Regardless, traffic on that site has remained essentially unchanged. So, here I am, back again on Tumblr, but guilt-free from the observation that I might have too many blogs.


Homunculus Rex


New domain for $3.98 on the namecheap. Too good to pass up and the thing is getting old. Been buried under projects since my last post in spring, and don't like to blog when I'm begging deadlines, but I think I'm going to anyways since that is just the state of things.  One of my favorite quotes is "I don't know what I think until I see what I say", and it helps to shake loose the cobwebs.  Anyways, Here's an image of a badass frankenstein dinosaur. Also: Mike Mignola Homunclulus, and Wikipedia Homunculus.

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