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Haunted House and OOOOOOOOP


ooooOOOOOP!! HA. Get it? Keep reading then. This first example I used in class to illustrate the use of collections (each moving ghost was an instance of a "ghost" class). Clicking the button added on into a collection, and another into an array (not an arraylist. scary!). Clicking on the ghost removed it from the collection, or array.. whichever it was stored in. The second example I used in the my VB Intro course, and I used the library (REUSE) from the first into an base form (INHERITANCE) class in a class library, then inherited that form in the main project to ENCAPSULATE away all the gory details. The rad lightning effect was a select case inside of a timer loop, background color from white to black (NOPE, NOT OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING)

Edit 1/22/12: I couldn't stand reading my bad jokes again, thus the strikethroughs.