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Art Nouveau Phone


I do a lot of graphical work (at least more than I though I would) but have yet to post any of it. I did this originally for, although this isn't the same one that's out on the site now (since improved). Created using Inkscape, a terrific [Vector Graphics program. phone




Vector Graphicked(sic) from a sketch, something I'd like to animate using the original SVG and HTML 5.

Animated (view with Google Chrome or other HTML5-enabled browser


Git Icons


I wanted to link to my Github repository, but as you may have noticed my personal links are all icons. Overplayed Web 2.0 or not, I like my 32 x 32 icons. A search of "Git Icons" did not bring up anything that I was in love with, so I made my own. I won't say I'm particularly in love with these either, but I do "like" them. Right click the link below each image and click "save as".

git16x16 16x16

git32x32 32x32

git48x48 48x48

git64x64 64x64

git128x128 128x128

After I finished the icon, was talking to a co-worker to show them what was out there and searched for Github Icons instead, which is really what I was looking for all along, and the Cat/Squid is WAY cooler. You may not, however like the Cat-Squid chimaera, so please feel free to use mine.


Happy Halloween